Thursday, January 21, 2010

Captain Planet?

A start to healthier living?
Recently we have decided to eat healthier food. Maybe some fresh fruits and veggies instead of the tons of frozen waffle and perogies that made up our entire diet. All things seem to be going pretty well!
Hopefully we'll stick to it, yes?

I am off of work today, which is nice, since its been a couple of days. I have off tomorrow too.
Yesterday Van and I got sushi with Stokes while he was back in town for a little bit. I also looked into taking matial arts classes.
Should be awesome, yes?

We rented the new Call of Duty. I have yet to play it. Perhaps that will be later today.

I do apologize for the lack of insiteful post recently

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We Travel Like Gypsies but With Worse Luck and Far Less Gold

For some reason yesterday, I felt the overwhelming desire to move to Montana.
There doesn't seem to be much out there, it is definitely less expensive, and its a ten hour drive to get to Seattle, making it an even shorter flight. All in all it seems like a great idea. More peaceful than New York, and also the first place I'll live that doesn't have a ridiculous crime-rate.

Can't be all that bad, right?

Monday, January 11, 2010

There's Tears In My Grits!

Long time no blog, it seems.
It is very nice to know that we now 100% have our very own internet! So there is no longer a need to steal it from my neighbors next door.
I will be working today at 6:00 until 10:00, which in all honesty seems like a royal waste of time. Why? Because its four hours. Also, Van gets home an hour after I leave the house. Which is a shame! But, this gives him time to watch Paranomal Activity, which I can far, far to afraid to watch. I know I will be seeing things for weeks. He can also watch District 9, because I definitely don't want to see that.
Moving right along, it has been a silly passed few weeks. Working working working due to the holiday season (which what magnificent, by the way). Yesterday we got sushi and rented movies. Finally saw the most recent Harry Potter. Whoop-de-freaking-do. What happened to half of the chapters?!
Alas, that is literature-to-film for you.
Clearly I have had far too much time on my hands lately, considering I have spent the majority of it on *chan sites, further proving to myself that there truly are absolutely terrifying people in this world. Because of this I am now finding ways to arm myself in the best ways possible.
My house is a filthy mess and I should certainly spend more time cleaning it. But its to the point of where I look around and immediately get depressed and have no desire to move what so ever because it is so messy and overwhelming. Little steps. Little steps at a time.
To add more video games to the collection, I got Van a Wii for christmas. He has been playing Mario and we have both been playing Rockband. I can only sing and play the drums. Not so good at the guitar bit though, which is funny because I play real guitar. Who would have thought.

To add some spontaneity to things, here is my list of the top ten worst places ever to go while you have a hangover:

1.Hibachi restaurant
as if it wasn't bad and loud enough sober, there is nothing like the sound of banging metal-on-metal, and overly-enthusiastic Japanese chefs to make your head throb even more.

2.Bowling Alley
Not only do you get to endure the continuous clashing of toppling pins, but you also get to smell the nauseating aroma of shitty pizza, fake cheese, and feet.

Four hours and screeching tires and burned rubber, spilt beer and rednecks. Yeehaw.

"I wanna fucking slit your throat...."

5. 3D IMAX Theater
Nothing cures vertigo like watching 400ft tall dolphins leap toward your face to the sensual sounds of Enya.

6. GWAR Concert
As if you hadn't dealt with enough alcohol the night before, now your get to deal with alcohol, alcoholics, AND fake blood, all while being violently thrashed around.

7. Your Significant Other's Grandparent's House
There's not better way to make a great impression than to mumble incoherently and not look at anyone.

8.Chuck E Cheese
On top of the bright lights, whirring arcade games and more stale pizza than you know what to do with, you'll also have the wonderful joy of dealing with hundreds of screaming kids and a large dancing mouse. Perfect.

9. Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon Tribute and Lightshow
Even worse, if you had to pay for the tickets, and you definitely didn't want to go in the first place. Never forget the smell of a fog machine. Never listen to Pink Floyd again.

10. Work
You feel like shit, you're somewhere you don't want to be even when you're sober, you're not making enough money and you're doing something you most certainly don't want to do.