Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Do Not Exist!

Lucky for me I haven't lost my tarot reading ability! I still remember all of the cards and their meanings. I did four or so reading last night and it really was a reliefe how easily everything came. Some people I can throw down thier cards and read em like a book, for others, its not that easy. But yesterday it was generally very good.
I hung out with Hilda, Jackie, Jay, and Vlad and we read cards and danced and talked and it was great. Then Van came over and Hilda, Jackie, Jay and Vlad went to a party.
Hilda teaches me spanish sometimes! its really fun, I hope to learn more. She will teach me spanish, I will teacher her tarot. She has very strong energies.

I had my practical yesterday. I got on A on the written and an A on the baking part. I made a spongecake and remember to put the oil and vanilla in it this time (forgot the day before!) got an 8/8 on it and my chef said "wow, this is perfect. I couldn't make one better" then I got a 7.5/8 on my pastry cream, and then 6.5/8 on my pate a choux. So I got an A. I took my spongecakes and just made a 4 layer cake with the pastry cream and Van is going to bring chocolate icing so I can frost it and make a 4 layer boston cream cake. Haha. Yay cake!

I was just thinking about live TV. What happens if someone on live tv does something that needs to be censored? How do they do that?

And I just discovered perhaps the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
Its in philadelphia. Or, philadelphia has one. The photographs are amazing.
I think I shall go sometime, only if Michelle will go with me!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I must say that I thoroughly enjoy soup and pants day.
Sometimes during the week, my buddy Vlad and I will sit around and watch movies and just have a great time. Yesterday we just sat in my room and blew bubbles and listened to music and ate cereal. it was really an awesome time. We wrote a wall of funny things that have happened and that we have said. Then we took a whole bunch of pictures. Today he gave me a sheet of paper with all of them printed on it. It was really great.
Girls night was on Friday. That was really fun. My roommates and I just watched Knocked Up and sat around and ate icecream and talked and had a great time. Some kid gave me shrimp fried rice and it was fantastic.
And then, last night, I went to Zac's birthday party. It was pretty awesome. I got in a borderline fist-fight with Zac and am covered in bruises and rug burn, Van some how ended up naked in the kitchen as my friend/brother walked in, Chux's mom tried to get with me, I ended up covered in green icing, and I have a new-found love for baked ziti. It was a really great time. I made a mix CD for Zac and it is freaking awesome. it goes something like this:
  1. Vampire Breath - Dr. Acula
  2. Safety Song -Tsunami Bomb
  3. Open Book - The Rakes
  4. Time Bomb - Rancid
  5. Love Demon - Los Gatos Locos
  6. Brown Eyed Girl -Reel Big Fish
  7. Julia - The Horrorpops
  8. Gentlemen - mewithoutYou
  9. Pretty Rave Girl - I Am X-Ray
  10. The Beer - Kimya Dawson
  11. Lean on Sheena - Bouncing Souls
  12. I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly - Basshunter
  13. Hypnotized - Notorious B.I.G
  14. Your Retro Career Melted - The Faint
  15. Bruises - Chairlift
  16. Darkwave Surfer -Aural Vampire
  17. Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
  18. Gunpowder: A Ballet -Dr. Manhattan
  19. (this one was a secret song, I didn't write what it was on the list. its Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley)

Each song gets longer and longer as the CD goes on. its pretty awesome.

Then, this morning, I left from the party with Van and we went out to get breakfast. As I ate my sandwich, this old lady kept staring at me and wouldn't leave me alone. It was so incredibly frustrating and awkward. She kept looking at me as if I were the Antichrist or something similar. I nearly got up and started strip-dancing on her table, just to be obnoxious, but I didn't. Someday I will do something like that. but until then I shall sleep and it will be wonderful. Goodnight, blog.

OH! Today was Soup and Pants day, too and Vlad and I watched Stranger Than Fiction. Gotta love Maggie Gyllenhaal. She is delicious. A delicious ginger baker with tattoos. That will be me someday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

"A magician makes the visible invisible. A mime maks the invisble visible.”

I have 6 followers on here, I think only one or two actually ever read these, and I'm honestly okay with that. When I write, I don't really write for other people, but because I want to write something down. But I do enjoy it when my things get read. I really hope I can find more interesting things to write about.


Okay. here's one:

Van and I have a date planned:


We're going to be mimes. Dress like mimes, act like mimes. We're going to be mimes and go grocery shopping.

Now, if I were walking through the grocery store and I saw some people dressed as mimes getting their produce, I would honestly have to laugh. Its like.. old Panic! At The Disco meets Supermarket Sweep. AWESOME.

We need to find someone to videotape all of this. If we do, I will so post it on here. It shall be a good day.

Those Pies Sure Do Put Up A Fight, Chef...

I had my ass royally kicked by a bunch of pie last night. I'm not even kidding. 3 kinds of pie crust, 3 kinds of filling, topped, baked and finished, scaling out puff pastry dough and mixing sweet roll dough, plus lecture in 5 hours. Can I just mention that I ALMOST DIED?! I decided that I was going to make a chocolate cream pie, because I'M A GOOD GIRLFRIEND and that's what Van mentioned that he liked. And I was the only one that made chocolate pastry cream and I scaled it all by eye and pretty much invented a new recipe (turned out pretty good though. wooohoo). Hopefully the whole pie turns out nice. Also made coconut custard and strawberry rhubarb. In the end, I finally finished, exclaimed "YATTA!" and wanted to collapse.
"Those pie sure do put up a fight, chef..."
"Yes. They do."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Experience The Bittersweet, Taste Defeat, Then Brush My Teeth.

Made awesome scones today. Ten points for Gryffendor!
Today was damp and gloomy and I do not understand this weather.
See, usually, it snows, the snow falls, it goes on the ground, it stays there, and then turns to slush. Today its more like snowSLUSH! Before it even hits the ground. Its ground slurry. Just add to boiling milk, you'll have pastry cream. Ew. You know you're at culinary school when you say things like that. Haha.

So I had this long coversation with Vlad the other night. We sat and talked about death for a while, about being afraid to die because we don't know what its like to not exist. I decided that it can't be so bad. Everyone has to do it. Dying can be no worse than living. I don't know. It was just a conversation we had. I'm really not afraid to die anymore. Woot.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Beer by Kimya Dawson

The beer i had for breakfast was a bottle of mad dog and my 20/20 vision was fifty percent off. You said punch-buggy red and punched me right in my left eye, i said don't you mean pediddle? and i lit his house on fire. He came home on acid i was holding his shotgun. i was dressed like tina turner in beyond thunder dome. He said don't shoot, i said i won't i love you you're my friend. i handed him my wig and shot myself in the head. then i stuffed a box of tissues in the hole in my skull, i got in my mazda and i drove to the mall. i got a big johnson shirt and some silicone tits, when i pulled out the tissues they were covered with shit. and the beer i had for breakfast was a box of cheap white wine and the boom box on my shoulder was a box of clementines. i ate every single one without noticing the mold. you said "you're gross my darling", i said "no i'm rock and roll". even though i'd never ever been in a band i got cool as black ice tattooed on my hand. and the christians gave me comic books as if i would be scared of burning in hell well i was already there. and the beer i had for breakfast silver bullet in the brain and the beer i had for lunch was a bottle of night train and the beer i had for dinner was my crazy neighbor's pills. we had to sit down on skateboards jut to make it down the hill. then i peed my pants and you stole the groom's cigar and some old man made me watch him masturbate locked in his car. when i got back to the apartment you were face down on the floor. you said "don't go to bed yet let's go get a 64" and the beer i had had for breakfast was a pint of jim beam and a fifth of peach schnapps and some warm sunny d. and you said "bottoms up" just as i bottomed out. i tried to scream fuck you but blood was pouring out my mouth. evan dando never planned on telling you the truth and your leonardo i.d. card is your fountain of youth. you can be a teenager for your whole fucking life, just find some pretty sucker and make that bitch your wife. i guess by now you all know my friends danny broke his neck, he was driving home from sirens when he got into a wreck. first i cried for him and then i cried for me, haunted by the ghost of the girl i used to be. but the rocks with holes are warm in my hands and i buried my toes in the hot hot sand and the silver pink pony kisses me and says "you've come a long, long way and you deserve to be really happy."

The Best Thing That Could Be Happening

Here is my 50th post. Just to give myself a bit of a boost, I'm going to go through the goods and bads in my life. Lets check it out.

The Goods

  1. 1. I'm actually doing well in school for the first time in a long time

  2. I'm actually enjoying the time I have at school

  3. I have some of the most supportive friends I have ever had. We can just sit around and bullshit, talk about important things, or go out. Anything.

  4. My family and I are getting along really well, despite the stupid shit I sometimes do.

  5. I have an awesome boyfriend that treats me well

  6. I'm starting to realize that I deserve to be treated well. This is new for me

  7. I get along with all my roommates and we have so much fun together

  8. I'm starting to get my life straightened out

  9. I don't hate myself as much as I used to

  10. I make awesome angel food cake

  11. I wake up with a smile almost every day

  12. I;m learning to work around the big problems in my life

  13. I'm teaching myself guitar and I love it. I can actually play songs now!

  14. My health is in check. I'm not really ill or anything

  15. I've learned to ask for help when I need it, I've stopped trying to do so much on my own

  16. I've removed a lot of drama from my life, so it things are a lot less stressful

  17. I've learned to start taking more chances and live life a little bit more.

  18. I don't feel ugly all the time anymore.

  19. I haven't smiled this much in a long, long time.

  20. I quit smoking for the most part

The Bads

  1. I don't really eat as much as I should.

  2. I drink too much, but I'm trying to stop.

  3. Michelle lives far away.

  4. I'm running low on cash.

  5. I wish I had better relationships with my siblings.

  6. I've lost quite a few friends recently due to arguments and dramatic situations.

Over all I would say that things are going very well. I'm happy with where I am in my life right now. Things really look like they're turning around for me. And, when it comes to the bad things, I can fix most of them with time. I can't control when Michelle comes back, but she will, I can't do a whole lot about the not having money, but I can try, and if those friends don't want to be friends with me anymore, there isn't anything I can do about that either so I just let it go. But, I can stop drinking, with a little help, I can talk to my siblings more, and I can start eating more, which I have already done. I get up and eat lunch with my roommates almost every day now. So it's all going to be okay.


Monday, February 16, 2009

What's In Your Head, Zombie?

Van came over to visit today and we got onto the topic of zombie holocausts. (Does this seem to be a reoccurring theme here?) We were talking about what to do if zombies came and attacked everyone and I said that if I got bit by a zombie I would want to be killed because I wouldn't want to hurt anyone. He said I would be shot because I would be a really crappy zombie. But then we decided that if there was a zombie holocaust, there would have to be a zombie safe-word, so we would know if they were a zombie or not. You know, they would have to say it so you wouldn't blow their head off. We didn't pick one, but we did decide that the worst words would be "uuugh" or "brains". So, if there is a zombie holocaust and you need a zombie safe-word. Don't pick those words.

P.S. My guitar string broke and I don't know what to do! So sad.

Every Saint Has Past, Every Sinner Has A Future

Everything has been super crazy lately. Between me being a borderline alcoholic, being in a love-pentagram, starting a new relationship and getting back into classes, I feel like a bunch of glow sticks in a blender. It'll all be okay in the end though. I know it will.


The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet black bough.

Yesterday I decided to listen to Tsunami Bomb for the first time in a while. I really enjoy Tsunami Bomb and was really really sad when they broke up. Well it turns out that they got back together for one last benefit show in January. I wish I had known about it then, I would have tried to go! But, for my birthday I asked for their benefit show t-shit. All the money goes to help this woman pay for medical expenses. There are only 3 things I really want for my birthday this year, and they would be 1. that tshirt; 2. an acoustic guitar; 3. Money for my tattoos. I wouldn't complain about getting a pasta roller either, but that's a bit of a stretch.
Watched SLC Punk again yesterday with Shannerpuss and Vlad. got some Chinese food and totally snarfed it. It was awesome. A nice chill day.

The day before was Valentine's Day and honestly, it was awesome. I've never had a real Valentine's Day but this year I did and it was great. We went rollerskating, which I had never done before, so that was an adventure! And I didn't case it and fall on my ass at all! Woohoo! And then we went out to dinner. Which turned out to be my friend Chux's house. Van had set up the living room like a restaurant and Zac was the waiter and Leafy and Chux cooked grilled cheese. Its really hard to explain through writing how nice it really was. I've honestly never had anyone do anything so nice for me before. It was really great.

And now I'm sitting here eating my 1.5 pound box of Lucky Charms. And its phenomenal.
I;m sure Ill think of something else to write about soon. I haven't really felt like writing about anything really heavy lately. There's just too much going on for that. I promise there will be something more interesting soon. I really hate writing all of this stuff about me, because really no one wants to hear it. They like to read about other things more. So I'll think of something soon!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Its Just One Of Those Days, You Know?

I'm so happy I decided to stay in school.
A few months ago I almost dropped out and tried to make a living cooking and cleaning for rent. But I didn't. I decided to stick it out and I started classes again and I'm doing okay.
Today I made a cake from scratch for the first time and it turned out wonderfully.
Actually, when Iwas whipping the eggs and sugar together, it exploded everywhere. I was mixing it in the mixer and it was increasing in volume. Its supposed to increase to 8-10 times, then start settling. Well...mine seems to have increased about...oh, I don't know.... 30 times and began overflowing.
So I went to my super German chef and go "Chef! My eggs! I think theyre getting ready to blast off into outerspace!"
He replies "No...I don't think so..."
"No, Chef! Its gonna blow!"
and sure enough, we have egg-foam overflow.
But, my cakes did turn out AMAZING after all that.
Mm. yummy.
And the inside of my poundcake was the best out of everyone's. The outside looked a little funny, but the inside was phenominal, as were my corn muffins.
And I'm making angelfood cake and ladyfingers tomorrow. So that will be exciting.
It was generally a good day, I guess. I was kind of in a funk after I messed up the eggfoam. I messed up a lot of things after that. But it was okay, for the most part I guess.
My buddy gave me a plastic toy sea-otter because he knows I'm afraid of them. I named him Fredrick.
Anyway. I'm going to sleep now because I'm planning on actually waking up at a normal time in the morning.
goodnight, blog.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i am the wanderer's wandering daughter
wrestle the pestle for the sake of the mortar
i love as i breathe and leave as i live
my cast iron shield's a titanium sieve

and a castle that's built on confusion and doubt
is a nickel within and a dollar without
just when the shoes seem so big i can't win
i fill my own sneakers and take off again

i am the wanderer's wandering daughter
take all my pain and i mix it with water
it's sunny it's sweet and i don't purple stuff it
one day by the way i met little miss muffet

i blew my mind with the stuff that i taught her
i am the wanderer's wandering daughter
i said if a spider should sit down beside you
tell him your name and then tell him the truth

a great hairy spider appeared there and then
and the holes in my soul started letting in wind
i felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter
i am the wanderer's wandering daughter

she said i'm miss muffet i'm very afraid
but something inside me is making me stay
i know deep down that if i run away
i'll just meet more spiders and still feel the same

the spider he smiled and said how is this true
when i am so terribly smaller than you?
my web it just went in the way the wind blew
what i was in for i hadn't a clue

he touched her face gently with six of his legs
and licked from her chin a speck of curds and whey
when i was certain they'd both be okay
i tightened my laces and i walked away

as i walked away i was feeling excluded
wishing my impulses weren't diluted
the muscle i hustle is real for my friends
but the muscle i keep for myself is pretend

i am the wanderer's wandering daughter
travel the land and i live like a martyr
the things that i do aren't the things that i teach
if i spend my time practicing when will i preach?

i do what i must as you do what you oughta
i am the wanderer's wandering daughter
take all my pain and mix it with water
i am the wanderer's wandering daughter

i'm lost and alone and i'm fair and i'm free
you am what you is and i are who i be
what i'm lacking in strength i make up for in smarts
you keep your stability i'll keep my heart

fear finds october emotions are juices
beat around bushes and make up excuses
go out for ceruleans come home with chartreuses
snip and cut bonsais and turn them to spruces

miss muffet called me and she said don't cry
real friends are friends until after they die
still i romanticize all this disorder
i am the wanderer's wandering daughter
hop the next bus and run for the border
i am the wanderer's wandering daughter
give you my life if you give me a quarter
i am the wanderer's wandering daughter

so long it's been good to know ya
so long it's been good to know ya
so long it's been good to know ya
i've got to be moving along

Monday, February 9, 2009


Alright so Raven left and I'm a hot mess. Its a disaster.
I really dont know what to do. I don't know where to put my toothbrushes, I don't have anyone to run to, yelling about my visions, or a room to burst into and go "IM SO HAPPY CUZ IM A GUMMY BEAR, GUMMY BEAR!!!". im reckless!
And sad.
So hopefully she'll come home soon.

Today was a great day. I woke up and felt fantastic, [then was momentarily shocked as I remembered some events from last night (oops!)] then my friend Slappy came and picked me up and we went to taco bell and drove on old roads in his big green old man detective car and we looked at psych wards. After I got back on campus I did grocery shopping at the cafe here and got some drinks, then went to class. Class was pretty good for the most part. New class, new chef, made corn muffins. AWESOME. I don't have class until 3:30 every day, and that's exciting to me. So it was a good day and I'm feelin happy.
Thats about it.


Friday, February 6, 2009


I got accepted into SuicideGirls and I had a friend of mine do a shoot for me when most everyone was in class the other day. I didn't really mention it to anyone because I didnt want to make a huge deal. We just took a few pictures for the photoset to submit and I'm really happy with them. I'm not going to post each picture on here because there are too many, so I'll post a link to the album that I have.
You're going to have to type in a password to get in because it's private.
Password is Glitter

Album here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


A blonde woman is sitting on the floor, putting a puzzle together. She is really struggling with it and has been working on it for hours. Her husband comes home from work to see her still struggling and approaches her, asking what she's doing.
"I'm working on a puzzle!" She said, exasperated, "and I can't get it...see? It's supposed to be a tiger..."
The husband kneels down to look a little bit closer at the pieces and replies "Honey, put the Frosted Flakes back in the box...."

I just remembered that joke because Im eating Frosted Flakes now. Today was the horrid Grand Buffet, which is more or less the most horrible day of all time. Every 3 weeks we have Grand Buffet in honor of graduation. All of the classes put together dishes and serve them to other students and it is pretty horrible. its just a lot of forced meats. The desserts are good though, the first two times you go. After that it just gets kind of repetitive.
So, I'm going for cereal.
But I would love a bagle.
with cream cheese.
The cheeseycheeseycreamcreamycheese. Thecreamcheese.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"I Just Drank Like, Ten TONS Of SunnyD And I Gotta Go, Pronto!"

Of all things that I have vomited up, I would have to say that SunnyD may be the worst. Perhaps because I threw up a gallon of it, watering the dying chrysanthemums in front of my McDonalds. It was pretty bad. Now, I've thrown up some weird shit, I'm not gonna lie, but Sunny D is probably the LEAST comfortable, most likely because it burns, and if it comes out of your nose...ow. The only thing that might be worse was a large amount of lemon meringue pie. That sucked.

Anyway. Enough of this vomit-blog. I have 3 gallons of SunnyD here and I've barely made a dent.

2.5 gallons to go!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You Can Call Me The Nanerpus

Career fair today. As usual I would have rather visited the zoo while the pandas were on the loose. (And to any of you that think it would be okay for pandas to be on the loose, just go talk to the man in China that got mauled by one.) But I digress. Career fair is always full of hundreds of people and companies that pounce on you like a starving leopard at a slow wounded animal. Not only do they pounce, but they shove handfuls of their paraphernalia at you so you remember them. Now really, I would like to know what some of this stuff is. They've given me a few strange contraptions. (See photo) I asked one man if he had any openings for baking and pastry students and he says "No! But we have caribeaners!" then shoves a caribeaner at me. I guess he knows I have been mountain climbing in my spare time?
But see, I get really paranoid around people like that. I seem to have a problem with people approaching me and trying to sell me things in public, I get a little bit scared. So I really don't like things like career fairs. I think it may be because I was chased by a clown when i was a kid and they were trying to give me free hamburger tickets. Who knows. Anyway. Here is some shit about me,

1. I live in Hyde Park New York and I feel more at home here than I ever did in Philly. I love this place and the people I have met.

2. I have really irrational fears such as lint, poop, lugies, and sea otters. Please don't ask, and please don't joke around about the first 3, I will vomit on you.

3. I am a gypsy. I tell fortunes, I can read tarot cards like they're the dollar menu, Ill pick up anything i find on the floor and if you leave your food out, Ill jack it. I will not shrink you.

4. I honestly have people looking for me trying to kill me. I keep low profile in public now or dress opposite of how I am expected to. This isn't a paranoia, it is a fact. I'm not going to get into why, but there are people all over the world looking for me, they just don't know where to find me yet.

5. I believe in quantum physics, chi, and magick. It has all proven to be true so far, for me at least. Yeah, I know its a little bit sketchy sounding, but to each his own, yeah?

6. Recently I learned that my eyes turn yellow. It's really very scary, to be honest. My pupils also pulse. We figured that it's because I really don't eat enough. or something

7. I want to be a SuicideGirl. SO BADLY. I actually got accepted to be one. Doesn't look like its actually going to happen though, as much as I would really, really like it to.

8. Many people think I am a fairy. I don't deny it. Must be all the glitter, dancing, bright colors, and sugar.

9. I have never been to White Castle and I don't really understand why it's such a huge deal?

10. I am very proud of myself for knowing all the words to Bring The Pain by Method Man. Makes me feel like I've got a little bit of cred.

11. I'm really really sad that Michelle is leaving so soon and I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself or who I'm going to go to, screaming like a lunatic because: the Misfits are going to be in town, I broke my arm, I found SunnyD on sale, I just beat a new level of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, etc.

12. I love video games. I could play Zombies Ate My Neighbors all day, and sometimes I do. I will always be more a fan of Sega Genesis and TurboGrafix 16. Don't get my wrong, I dig Soul Caliber 4, but still...Zombies At My Neighbors will always be my favorite.

13. This is my favorite number. It is my birthday, it is the death card. It is fear and it is change.

14. If we ever go shopping together, don't expect me to buy anything normal. Last trip included SunnyD, 2 cans of shaving cream, a huge bag of straws, and watercolor paints.

15. I can eat a lot of food and I have really unusual cravings. So, someday I'm going to get pregnant and smoke a ton of pot then enter a WingBowl and win. Not really, but it is an idea.

16. if we have hung out enough I probably know things about you that you don't even know. I also can identify the way you smell and how you walk. I've also memorized your facial expressions and can probably imitate you flawlessly. I can't imitate the sound of your voice, but I can imitate your ton and delivery.

17. If it involves zombies or vampires, I probably love it. Old school horror is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

18. A lot of people seem to be afraid of me. They have good reason, but not really. I may look like I;m kind of scary, but I'm really not. People tend to turn and look when I enter a room. I can understand why, its just strange.

19. I am teaching myself to play guitar, I'm not very good, but I can play most of my favorite songs, so I'm okay with that. My goal is to learn how to play Turn Soonest To The Sea.

20. This is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. My laundry is almost done. I hadn't done laundry since before Christmas break. Grody to the max. But I still can't believe its only 5:20. I really thought it was like... 8 PM or something.

21. I have had this looming feeling that I will be dying sometime this year. After I get back from extern. The fact that 2 other people have confirmed that they have had the same feeling about me makes me a little bit nervous. I am currently just focusing on now and I also know that I can survive anything between now and then. I also found my church where the funeral will be. Call me morbid, but at least I'm giving out mix CDs as party favors when I die.

22. When I check my laundry, I just look for the dryer with the brightest colors swirling in it. That's how I know it's mine. Well, either that or the most black. I almost stole a girl's laundry today by accident because it was brightly colored. Oops.

23. I haven't eaten a meal in over a week. Just little tidbits of whatever I find. Perhaps I will find something tasty tonight.

24. I wish I was better at glowstringing. I'm not very good with my left hand so I keep hitting myself in the face.

25. I really love ska music sometimes, its like....the band geeks and the drama kids got together in a garage and said "lets make a band!" And its awesome.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Chemicals, Man, They'll Fuck You Up."

After watching SLC Punk a few too many times, I found the need to buy ridiculous clothing. Patterned sports-coats in assortments of colors, the brighter the better, pants of unusual hues, tshirts with horrible sayings, and fantastic shoes and hats. Top it all off with a bandanna around the neck. This has been a habit of mine. My wardrobe looks something like:

Black, black, black, black, black, SHAZAM!, black, black, black...

Its freaking awesome.

Just thought I would mention that.

Clashing colors might be my favorite thing ever and I really do love to look like I jumped right out of Wonderland. Gotta love making everyone around you feel like they just dropped acid.

I have a poster for the band The Clash next to my bed.
Every day I roll over and see it
then obey what it says: