Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here for my 179th post, I would like to show my appreciation for a'capella music.
Now, I'm not talking about ONE chick that's trying to sing a Paramore song, nor am I referring to groups singing things like Stand By Me.
Usually I try to find a more modern song sung by a group. (preferably not on stage)
There are a few exceptions though.

Yes, a lot of times its pretty goofy sounding.
But good a'capella truly is...well...good.
(Just as bad a'capella is horrid.)
Rarely is there a middle ground, with the exception of comedic a'capella. (Run To The Hills by It's Super Effective, WHAT?)
Playing instruments truly takes a lot of skill, but I feel that orchestrating an a'capella piece takes a lot of coordination, since there are so many parts and voices involved.

My personal favorite would be the Bad Romance cover by the following group of gentlemen.

This newly discovered piece is another favorite.
(Along with a favorite song in general.)
Notice how he sounds almost EXACTLY like Sufjan.

Don't hate me for this one:

Despite the stupid bow on the one girl's head, and the even more stupid song selection, these girls really know how to pull it together.

*Disclaimer; I by no means support Justin Beiber or his fans.

Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah

This one took a lot of searching, as there were a lot of pretty bad covers of this song.

This one is pretty impressive also. Even though usually I don't go for male vocals sung by females

This was a toss-up between two:


This was a hard one to find a good version of.
Let me know if you find one that you feel is more impressive.
I liked this one.

If anyone can find an a'capella cover of a Flogging Molly song (that isn't a bunch of kids singing on cellphone quality in pirate costumes and stomping to the beat.), please send it to me.
(Though, the previously mentioned one was pretty cute.)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surprisingly Uncool

Today I would like to bring a sense of enlightenment to the seemingly very confused world. Perhaps its just Poughkeepsie that suffers from these horrible phenomenons, but just in case it is the rest of the world too, I will continue on.
Here I would like to remind people that just because you think something is cool, doesn't mean that it actually is.
Now, I by no means claim to be a cool person. I mean, honestly, I write a blog for Christ's sake. But still, there are some people out there that need to get a grasp on what is or is not socially acceptable. So, today I bring you:
  1. Car-balls

I don't understand what makes these cool or funny. They're stupid and disgusting, plane and simple. Do you not have any of your own, so you feel the need to tack a set of fake junk onto your bumper? Come on, guys. Give it up. Neuter your pets. The last thing we need is a bunch of stray Hummers running around.

2. Tacky-ass Ghetto nails.

No matter what your occupation, if you have nails that are more than an inch long, you instantly look like you run the cash register at the local 7-11. And I am instantly going to assume that you're going to sell me a Slurpee. Wild Cherry, bitch.

3. Douche-Beard

Although it sounds like you might be a bad-ass pirate, actually HAVING a douche-beard simply makes you an ass. If you spent half as much time learning proper English as you did carving hieroglyphics into your head, you would be a much more respectable human being. Instead you look like you just allowed a lawn-mower to take creative freedom of your face.

4. Tribal Tattoos

Unless you're a Maori or fucking Tony the Tiger, you need to stay away from the tribal ink. You either look like a wrestler, or look like a frat boy. Neither of which are respectable personas for the day-to-day civilian. There is nothing else like having solid splotches of meaningless black ink over your body to say "I think I'm a bad-ass, so does my orange-tan girlfriend!" They're gggggggrrreat!

5. Plymouth Prowlers
A wedge of cheese on wheels. Enough said.

6. Keytars
Perfect for the kid whose mom made them practice hours of piano everyday before they could watch t.v. We all know that all you wanted to do was join a rock band. Just like we all know you will always be a total dweeb for the rest of your life. Keytar = significantly uncool.

7. 3-wheeled motorcycles
Too bad-ass for a 4-wheeler, too chicken for a chopper. Looking for the perfect balance? You didn't find it. Move along. You're a tool. Tack a side-car onto it and you'll be the whole hardware store.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Come In To My Parlor

Arachnophobia: the fear of arachnids, more commonly; spiders.

This, thankfully, is one thing I do not suffer from. My boyfriend, on the other hand....

So here today I have written a list to make the little 8 legged creepy-crawlies a little more bearable.

10 Things You Should Be Glad Spiders Can't Do
  1. Fly. Yes, some can sail on threads, others can jump, but let us be thankful that they can't hover, float, fly, or propel themselves through the air. Because that really is the last thing that we need.
  2. Shoot lasers. I don't think I need to touch on this any further
  3. Speak. Luckily enough for us, they can't crawl under our beds and taunt us in our sleep.
  4. Swim. Yes, there are water-striders, but none of them are diving through the depths as a dolphin would, jump through the oceans and rivers.
  5. Communicate with other species. Last thing we need is an army of rats being lead by a spider armada.
  6. Breed with other species. Spider-cat hybrids. That's all I have to say.
  7. Mind control.
  8. Create civilizations
  9. Shoot barbs.
  10. Implant their eggs into your flesh.