Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Power Level Is Over 9000!

So it has been a long week with no internet. Little did we realize that someone in our building must have wireless, because, well, so do we now.
We have lived in our apartment for about one week now and have successfully gotten groceries, furniture, and all of our things.
I have made deviled eggs twice. I have also lost count of how much tea I have drank. Many cups. At least 4 just today.
I have watched quite a few movies too and rented four today.
We also just wrapped up RP night. Soon I will purchase my own D20's. and they will be devine.
I did just find a grat t-shirt at

Anyhow, off to watch a movie!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Moving out today, for real. Just emptied my ENTIRE room and when Vanny gets back from work with take it all to our apartment. Woohoo!
Its been a long, tiring year and wow is it nice to know that I won't have to go to class every day for a little while. I find it exciting. Over the next few weeks I'll be moving all of my things into the apartment and setting it up so it's actually livable. Hooray!
Going back to Philly today, my Aunt and Uncle are there too, havent seen them in a year or so.
Anyhow, I havent really slept in a few days so Im going to go do that now.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Like A Fish.

Today it was discovered that things taste so much better when they are drunk from a mug.
A lack of cups caused this small theory to be tested and I found that it was proven true.
Water from a cup seems very bland, but, when it is a short ceramic cup with a handle, it is a delicious and flavorful beverage!
Although the above statement is not entirely truthful, I can say that drinking from a mug does make it more enjoyable. Same goes with chocolate milk and cranberry juice. I have not yet tried with anything carbonated or alcoholic. I do remember as a child drinking milk from a mug on occasion. But then again I also remember drinking soda from a sippy-cub when I was 16. perhaps I am degenerating?
The only reason why it would taste better is because it is in a smaller portion, therefor making it less boring and monotonous. Perhaps things taste even better from shot glasses? Though I do know that everything would taste better out of these shot glasses.
Anyhow. I still have at least 7 more 6 ounce glasses of water to drink today.

It all depends on the life being led & the quality of the pancakes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Know You're A Total Fatass AND A Nerd When... use the light from your laptop's screen so you can open your Fruit-By-The-Foot can correctly identify each species of fish in your Sea Life gummies feel the need to say "phone home" whenever you eat Reese's Pieces eat Funyuns and Mountain Dew on a weekly basis understand the meaning behind Funyuns and Mountian Dew have fought TeddyGrams "to the pain" align your M&M's not only by color, but also in the shape of tetris blocks have written cryptic things in EasyCheese know the cake is a lie, but you eat it anyway also think the cake is great. So delicious and moist know that Sonic's favorite is chili dogs have made and devoured lambas bread will gladly eat elevensies. have used alphabet soup/cereal to write out CSS, Java, or HTML codes have used an old, no longer working CD-rom, DVD, or any other compact disc as a plate refer to your macaroni and cheese as a "series of tubes" don't mind if your caloric intake is "OVER NINE-THOUSAND" refer to eating as "chargin ur lazer!"
...youCANhascheezburger know D&D as two things. Dungeons and Dragons or Dunkin' Donuts

that is all for now. Live long and pasta.


I have 68 hours to have everything packed and be OUT of my dorm room. This isn't even funny.
We just got the news that there needs to be a deposit for electric. awesome.
I have 15 minutes before class. So much to do. Not nearly enough time for any of this. Thankfully we're finishing desserts today, tomorrow we get them all ready for grand buffet, which isn't too bad. Then on Friday we have graduation where we will be helping serve the food for the graduates.
And on top of this, I am getting an AWESOME ear infection.
Hopefully I'll actually have something positive to write about soon.
But. I will have pictures of the apartment to put up soon.
Maybe some pics of me and Van?
I don't know if I want all you creeps to know exactly what I look like.

(See, right here I would normally put a winking smiley face, but I hate using those in blogs.)
Anyway, gotta run.
Time to put the mirror glaze on some lemon lime curd & cream cheese mousse.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm leaving on a jetplane

All my bags are packed, Im ready to go...

I have an overwhelming amount of things that need to be safely boxed and taped before 10 am on Saturday.
What a clutter I have!
I have accumulated some of the must unusual bits and bobs over the passed year and I honestly don't know what to do with the majority of it!
Today i dug a pile of boxes out of the dumpster, proving yet again that I am indeed some kind of gypsy. There are currently 5 boxes and 4 suitcases full of random shenanery. (That would be the object form of shenanigans, since shenanigans seems to explain actions more than objects.)
I also found today that if I had wings they would be approximately 31 feet long. How heavy those would be!
Good day.

A Diva Is A Female Version Of A Hustla!

It's been a few days, hasn't it? Only 3 or so, but still, thats a lot, I think.
4 days until I leave for extern!
I am very excited to have a month off before I have to start working!
Van and I move in together this weekend. Thats exciting! And then back to Philly again.
There is so much to do and so little time. I need to pack everything desperately!!
I don't even know where to start at this point, I think I need some boxes to put everything in.
And my allergies are killin me!

I saw a ton of birds today, perching on railings as I walked by. I cant believe how many there are. its ridiculous.
Anyhow. Off to class or clean or something! SO MUCH TO DO!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am slowly but surely hating this school more and more as time goes by. I would hate to think that I won't be returning after extern, but the more I think about it, the more likely it seems. This school has the worst system of all time and its really bothering me now. Im not going to sit here and rant for twenty minutes about how pissed off I am. Lets just say that culinary math is NOT my forte. I am so mad right now Im on the verge of puking.
I have delt with far too much shit this passed week and I cannot handle it. I have exactly 7 days left until I can get the fuck out of here and if this fucking costing bullshit holds me back, I'm bailing.
I honestly should have just stuck with acting.
I really should have.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 Fruity Flavors.

So I just ate a gummy Lifesaver with no hole in it.
Had it decided to get lodged in my throat
I would have died.
Thank you, Wrigley's, for making the only candy that is deadly when it is defective.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Put It In The Pantry With Your Cupcakes

Cover songs seem to be one of the best things I have ever discovered. Sometimes. You can either find really good covers, or really really bad covers. Rarely do you find one that is just okay. It is currently 8:43 PM and I am going to go get food at approximately 9:15. Between now and then I shall compose a list of cover songs. the good and the bad.

Good Covers

Boys Of Summer - The Ataris (Don Henley)
Astro Zombies - My Chemical Romance (Misfits)
My Sharona - The Number Twelve Looks Like You (The Knack)
Leaving On A Jetplane - MXPX (John Denver)
Mrs. Robinson - Pennywise (Simon And Garfunkle)
Come On Eileen - No Doubt (Dexy's Midnight Runners)
Ziggy Stardust - Bauhuas (David Bowie)
brown Eyed Girl - Reel Big Fish (Van Morrison)
Something - Radiohead (The Beatles)
Mad World - Gary Jules (Tears For Fears)
Mad World - Evergreen Terrace (Tears For Fears)
Zero - Evergreen Terrace (Smashing Pumpkins)
Video Killed The Radio Star - Amber Pacific (The Buggles)
Bring The Pain - Mindless Self Indulgence (Method Man)

Not So Good Covers

Landslide - The Dixie Chicks (Fleetwood Mac)
Leaving On A Jetplane - Jewel (John Denver)
Leaving On A Jetplane - Aerosmith (John Denver)
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Violent Femmes (Culture Club)
Nazi Punks Fuck Off - Napalm Death - (Dead Kennedys)
Uptown Girl - Weezer (Billy Joel)
White Wedding - Murderdolls (Billy Idol)
Paint It Black - The Black Dahlia Murder (The Rolling Stones)
Low - Brokencyde (Flo Rida)
I Will Survive - Cake (Gloria Gaynor)
Men In Black - Forever The Sickest Kids (Will Smith)
War Pigs - Faith No More (Black Sabbath)
Under The Bridge - Gym Class Heroes (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

And it's only 9:05, but I feel as though 13 of each is plenty. Maybe Ill put more some other time, why use em all up now.
But now, next time you're out looking for cover songs, there some you should get and some others you should avoid at all cost.
Unless of course you're Van, because I have a cover CD for you, so you don't need to download *COUGH* I mean, legally buy.... any of them.
THAT IS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

funny graphs
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Starwars kick? Yes.
Watched Fanboys yesterday, it was hilarious.

Last class.
8 days left.
Last class.
Bad class.
Fuck class.
Good class.
Big problems.

Dear Darth Vader,
I am writing to inform you that you are not my father.

As much as you would like to believe that you are, I must tell you the truth.
As much as you would like to think that you have some authority over me, you do not.
Even if you did, I do not believe in authority, regardless.
I have been trained by multiple Sith lords and Emperors. The same ones that trained you, as a matter of fact.
It would be greatly appreciated, Lord Vader, if you would please cease to attempt teaching me the ways of the Jedi when you, Sir, are of the dark side. I know my ways far better than you do. We are equally matched in art of wielding light sabers, so please keep your technique under your mask and I shall do the same.
Please, do not try to re-teach me my fortes, I am capable of doing so myself. Your haughty attitude and "prestigious" mindset impress no one but yourself. Had you not been blowing the Sith Lords they would have no use for you. Please refrain from speaking to me again, for you are of no use to me.
(Not) Yours Truely,
Skellyton Skywalker
PS- You should do something about that Asthma.

Monday, May 11, 2009


What a weekend.
I feel like my Monday posts are usually started that way.
This is a good thing. Good weekends = good things.
We learned (again) that my navigational skills are that of a bat with no sonar.
After about an hour or so of delay, we made it home at almost 2 oclock to a slightly confused, but pleasantly surprised mother.
Van go to discover the wonders of Wegmans and how awesome Wawa is and the glory that is Yumyum's donuts.
Hell yes.
My grandparents and my neighbors came over for desserts and got to meet Van too.
That all turned out very well.
This makes me happy.
Good weekend.

Now I am curled up in the fetal position crying because my cramps are so bad I can't walk. Awesome.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gatorade and Naps.

I'm running out of things to read and need to find more blogs to subscribe too. perhaps I will search more on that later. Perhaps not. Currently, (not so currently) I am writing a paper on cardamom, saffron, and vanilla. Not the most exciting of things, but at least its not the industrial revolution. It really is a bummer that I don't have microsoft word on my computer. Life would be so much easier if I did. Alas. Back to the spices.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since.

-Salvador Dali

2 weeks from Friday I will be out of here. How exciting is this? VERY! I cannot wait. I've been living in a dorm room for far too long.

Yesterday my roommate and I discovered that you can change your language on Facebook to "Pirate". Its pretty funny, really, but gets kinds of hard to read and understand after a while. Requires a bit too much thinking for just looking on Facebook.

Salvador Dali's birthday is this Monday.

WHY IS ROBERT PATTINSON PLAYING DALI IN AN UPCOMING MOVIE?! This... is painful. It truly is. The guy that plays a dead wizard and a shitty vampire is casted to play one of the greatest artists of all time? Salvador deserves much better than this.

Little Ashes

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Has Returned one of the funniest websites of all time.

I just spent a few hours sitting here and coding all of this stuff for the new layout. It really isnt all that different, when it comes to the actual style, but all the colors and what not have changed. I haven;t dug into HTML and CSS in quite a while. (This is CSS, in case anyone was wondering.) I definitely get into this mode where nothing else really exists and there is nothing but numbers and letters and symbols. I can honestly sit here and stare at a screen for hours, just tweaking things around. It is a horrid addiction. I probably should have gone to school to be a web designer or something. I'm not horrible at it, really, and I certainly miss all the coding and what not. It is good stuff.
This is my 105th post.
I really did not think I would be using this site so much, but I am glad that I do. It gives me a way to vent or just say little things that may or may not matter to anyone else. Anyone could stumble upon this at any time and they may really enjoy reading these odd little quips that show up here and there.
I do apologize for the lack of interesting things. It really seemed to have gone better in the beginning, and now it just seems to be a day to day of my life, which no one is all that interested in hearing about. Such silly little things. A good one shows up every now any then.


Found a fun website

Have fun with that one.

And take note of the new little clickies at the bottom of this blog.
I believe they say "cool" "funny" and "interesting"
feel free to clicky.

I'm Captain Brasch From Dalmasca!!

I like the YouTube.
Discovered Mega64 a while ago and just found more of their stuff. The first I saw was Assassin's Creed, then Parappa. I really wish they would do Deadspace, Soul Caliber, Sonic, or something more recognizable.

Must do some day

Don't listen to Ondor's lies!

eating Sandwiches, yum, yum, yum!


I would first-off like to give a big "FUCK YOU!" to the Culinary Institute Of America.
At the beginning of every 3 weeks we have to print out a course guide, recipes, indexes, powerpoints, and other various sheets. Today I used approximately one third of a package of paper to print everything. Though, strangely, I should have used a good one and a half. After printing a stack of papers about 1/2 thick, I realized how much paper I saved by printing FOUR PAGES PER SHEET. Meaning I should have FOUR TIMES THE AMOUNT I JUST PRINTED. That would be about the size of a phone book.
Honestly. Do you think that just because we can 'afford' to go to school here that we also have money pouring out of our asses and we can just spend it on anything, like enough ink to black out the Amazon or enough paper to create full scale model's of the pyramids?
Uh, no.

And the sad thing is, we don't even use all of them. Half the we don't used a good amount of the things we print. And this is incredibly frustrating. With all the money we pay to go here, couldn't they at least give us a handbook or something? Even if we have to return it after each class? Because this is getting ridiculous. My printer was just RAPED by the amount of work it just had to do.

Bad. day.

I have a hangover and I didn't even drink last night.

fuck this shit.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bitches Love Me 'Cause They Know That I Can Rock.

What an awesome weekend, really!
It started out rocky, because of my practical. I definitely did NOT do as well as I hoped. Applestrip is not my forte, apparently, but I did know that ahead of time. It's amazing what nerves can do to you.
I don't have a picture of what it's supposed to look like, but I do have a picture that shows what it did look like.

Jabba no like-a apple strip! Jee panwa waffmula chone patogga che lickmoomoo!

But then after class Van and I went to the movies and saw Wolverine.
Can I mention...the awesome?
It was pretty good. not my favorite of all of them, but it was really good none the less.
Deadpool was in it, so that just made it awesome. And Gambit.

We then came home, slept, woke up the next morning and lazed around for a bit, which is always really nice. The weather has been great.
Theeeeeeennnn we went to the Melting Pot. Aaaaahhhhh. Delicious. More food that we even knew what to do with. It was an incredibly nice night. And I definitely brought one of the fondue forks home.

And that's only 1/3 of it. talk about being a fat kid! Mmmmm.

We hardly made it home on such full stomachs. We definitely learned how contagious yawning really is.

Sunday was rainy, so no baseball, but we did have RP night and made food and kicked vampire ass.

I just went back and read what I wrote.
Starwars (mentioning Jabba the Hutt, and Huttese)
XMen (mentioning several of the characters)
RPing (self explanatory)
I am the biggest nerd on the face of the planet.
But I digress.
I will spend most of the day packing up my dorm, since I am leaving in 3 weeks. it's about time that I start putting things in boxes and bags so it's not a complete disaster being put off until the last possible second. So I'll get a lot of my clothing packed up.
I'm really excited for my next class.
I finished cakes (just barely!)
and I am now going into Individual Production Pastries. My favorite!
it should be an awesome class.
Now, for something completely out there and incoherent. I only know of one, maybe 2 people that will understand this. Van and I talked a little bit about it yesterday, I believe.
I really wish people could know certain things about me. I really can't say or explain what they are, for my own safety and sanity, but lets call it an illness.
I really wish that the people I associate with, work with or come in contact with could see that I have this illness. It would help them understand why I act the way I do, do the things I do, say what I say. They would be able to understand my actions, everything would make so much more sense. it would be exponentially helpful to both myself and people around me, but it's really not that easy. Van made the point of saying that if everyone could see that I was this way, that would just give them one more thing to latch on to and pick apart. And this is true, but i would have to wonder if it would be worth it. It would almost be like wearing a medical ID bracelet that said I was bipolar, or something similar. People would understand why I act the way I do, but on the other hand it would be more likely that they would treat me differently, perhaps negatively, because they knew that about me.
But, they would understand little things like why I don't speak to people when I'm angry, why I act incredibly nonchalant when something goes wrong and why it seems like I don't care about anything. Why I paint, why I write, why I play music when something in wrong. Why I don't talk about my problems, ever. I know it upsets people on occasion when I don't tell them why I am upset or what is bothering me. It just goes with that. It goes with my nature, and it goes with my, for lack of a better term, "illness". If I could get rid of it, sometimes I think I would. But I have a feeling that someday I may need it for something. We'll see.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Post 101

This here is my 101st blog post.
Not too shabby for only having this since November.

Good news: got my extern, fer sure. training agreement and everything.
SO, come July 1st, I will be working at Mohonk Mountain House.
Only 30 minutes away from here.
Exciting, no?
It should be awesome.

Now it's time for some