Monday, August 31, 2009

I Do What I Must Because I Can

Another day goes by,
always with more things to do
An angry morning.
I have shanghaied the Culinary's computer lab in order to gain some form of Internet access. At least I can check my bank account now, since I lost my debit card AGAIN.
Thankfully it is all in order and my card is now cancelled with a new one on the way.
Someday I will make a dress out of all of my debit cards that I have gone through.
A visit to Stop N Shop proved successful, and again they twisted my arm into buying 10/10 candy bars. Dirty bastards.
Tonight I feel that I will be making a cake. This sounds like a good plan to me. Perhaps when I go home, after I clean up after Hurricane SpaceMarine and finish picking bids of Kameamea** Testosteroni* pizza out of the carpeting.
Ironically, my GPS has gone missing and I can't seem to find it, or the cord. It seems as through someone may have taken it out of my car. A bad decision on their part.
All things aside, my new job begins tomorrow.
I quit working at Mohonk Want To Kill Yourself And Everyone Around You House and will now be working at an undisclosed location, cheffing it up.
And yes, this means that I will not be finishing my externship, which means that yes, I will not be returning to the Culinary Institute, and yes, I am very happy about this.
Goal: write for Game Informer magazine.
*chicken, bacon, ham, ground beef, sausage, steak, pepperoni. Weighs about as much as a small pit-bull.
**with pineapple

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tea cookies are devilish things.

Tea cookies
are devilish things.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear Readers It seems as

Dear Readers
It seems as though I no longer have internet access.
I apologize for the lack of updates.
I just saw a vulture eating a cat.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

But I Can't Remember The Sound That You Found For Me.

Scene1: Camera pans to outside of a closed window. A girl, about 20 stands at the window looking outside at the rain. She turns her head to look back into the bedroom, through the doorway. A man, about 30 is seen sleeping on the couch, the television flickering. Girl turns and takes one last look outside before darting from the window.
Camera focuses on front door. Door opens, girl hurries outside, pulling on a coat and carrying a bag. She puts up her hood and runs down the sidewalk. Camera follows behind her.
She slows to a walk.

Scene2: (next day)Man is seen walking down the sidewalk. It is no longer raining.

Scene3: (next day)Girl sits on a bench on the sidewalk. Camera pans down the street to the house. The man is seen glancing out the window, curtains are pulled shut.

Scene4: The girl stands at the counter of a convenience store. Her hair is messy and her clothing is dirty. She counts coins in her hands and places them on the counter, taking her purchases. She leaves the store and walks outside, to what looks like an old factory. She enters the building and makes her way to sit on a crate.
The girl goes outside again. She sits on top of a car.
(Scene fades)

Scene5:(Flashback) Girl, in the house, sits at a kitchen table. The man arrives, carrying bags. He tosses them on the table, then sits on the couch, ignoring the girl. She stands to greet him, then begins removing groceries from the bags, putting them away.
(Scene fades)

Scene6: Return to girl on the car. a woman storms up to the car, silently screaming and waving her arms. The girl slides down and hurries away, brushing back her hair and wiping her eyes. She hurries back to the abandoned building and lays down on boxes, closing her eyes. Camera zooms on her face.
Screen fades, transitioning into a flashback. Camera zooms out from girl's face. She is laying , asleep, on the couch with the man, her head on his chest, his fingers in her hair.
Screen fades, transitioning back to abandoned building. the girl is falling asleep on the ground as the camera zooms out. Fade to black.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meow Meow!

I have come to the sad realization of "sleeping in for 5 hours means that I wake up at 9 am".

quite a bummer.

My last day off was last Friday and wow does it feel nice to take a bit of a break. But, of course, back to work tomorrow.

Today though, I should go to the store to buy some asprin and other important things. If I go out today, I will. If I don't...I will not. Obviously.

But, until I make that decision, I think I will watch Mama Mia (ALL BY MY LONESOME!)

and eat a bagle, that I will not be sharing.

And here is where you can pretend that I put a smily face. I don't use those in my blog. No no.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Don't Even Really Like Rice Crispy Treats

but I ate one anyway.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Pose A Theory.

Today I had a horrifying experience.
As a Pagan and an ex-vegan, I still feel the need to treat nature well and with respect, regardless of the situation, but unfortunately work today seemed to focus mainly on the demise of small animals.
Working in a bakery, it is only natural to have mice show up now and again. To me, I figure as long as they aren't getting into the food and making a mess, it should be okay. Unfortunately, the entire reason mice go to places in the first place is so that they can get into the food and consequently, make a mess. Therefor the mice had to go. The proper way to handle this kind of situation would have been to order enclosed traps and relocate the mice to a nearby field, which we have plenty of. I do understand that there are 1. too many mice, and 2. not enough time to do this. So, in the end this means that they must be killed. As much as I don't like the idea of this, it is understood. Personally, I have no problem disposing of a dead mouse. To be honest, I am a little bit afraid of the living ones since I got bit by one as a kid. Though a dead one doesn't bother me. Since this is the case, I was elected head of Mouse Disposal Crew. Actually, I was the only member of mouse disposal crew, due to the fact that we have other things to do other than play with dead mice, and also that they had to be quickly removed since they were decaying and the whole place smelled horribly of dead rodent. Sad to say, I can identify the smell of dead rodent very well.
Moving right along.
As I go to dispose of what I thought would be one or two dead mice in snap traps, I find that my employers have decided to use the least humane form of trap possible: a glue trap. And little did I know that there were not one or two mice, but seven. Two of which were still a alive and stuck in the little gooey trays.
As previously mentioned, it was a horrifying experience to see the small creature staring up at me with its shining, beaded eyes, with it's nose and feet stuck in a thick layer of gel. It immediately began squirming and tugging in fear as I approached. Feeling there was no kind of polite way to dispose of it, I placed a paper towel over the entire tray, covering both the living mouse and the couple dead ones that lay stuck next to it. At this point I was unsure of what to do. Do I put it in the plastic bag and let it suffocate slowly? Do I quickly end it's life by stepping on it? I felt that the second would have been the nicer thing to do, but on the other hand who am I to play God and take a life? it is not my choice when something should die. So instead I tied it into the plastic bag and tossed it into the dumpster. Perhaps the poor creature will free itself from the trap and make its way into a safe dumpster haven. As unlikely as this is, I can hope. The only thing worse than the one still wriggling, was the small mouse that had to have only been a few days old. No larger than my thumb he stood stuck in the glue, ribs fluctuating with each panicked breath as my hand drew closer to pick up the tray. The saddest part of the whole experience was the fact that this small one began squeaking in terror, trying to escape. This was not something I would like to have to do again, although I do know that there is another glue trap in the back room.
Scary that this all happened by 7:00 am.
As the day progressed we had several, and by several I mean anywhere between 5 and 8 people woth arms bigger around than my head, come in to install our new proof box. How exciting. Lucky for me, my space was taken over and I had to relocate to a different table right in the way of every person that walked by with a huge piece of the metal box. Please note my sarcasm. We usually have seven or so people working at the same time in our bake shop, occasionally a dishwasher or another employee from a different part of the building will come in. Today we ended up with a total of 15 people in the room at once. Mind you, this bakeshop is not very large.
One of my co-workers then said "In a perfect world, we would be working at different times." Meaning the bakers and the men that were installing the proof box.
This then got me thinking "What is a perfect world?"
I pondered this thought for quite a while as I put danishes and cinnamon rolls on a tray.
I then finally come to the conclusion that we already live in a perfect world, everything is perfect as it is. This theory is still in the works, considering that I haven't had anyone to discuss this yet, but so far I can not think of a reason why this world is not perfect. Yes, I understand that each individual person is not perfect, but people as a whole are. But then you must break that down. Are only half of the people perfect? No, because no one is perfect. And if no one is perfect, then there is nothing above imperfect. We know nothing greater than imperfection. And if there is nothing greater than imperfection, then imperfection is indeed perfection. If there were anything that was indeed 100% perfect, that would then make something else obsolete. And obsoletion is imperfection. Imperfection is necessary for perfection. Again, I am still testing this theory and I welcome any criticisms and will answer or reply to them in later posts.

Monday, August 3, 2009

"I Lost My Bubsy AND My CoolSpot!"

That sounded dirty....

It becomes problematic when I forget or do not have time to update this for a few days. So many things happen that I need to write down, but when I comes time to do so, I usually can't remember what I intended to write about.

I've been working for about a month now and I really cannot express how miserable it really is. The actual work isn't terribly bad, I suppose, its just a really frustrating situation due to the people there, the way things are handled, things that take place in the building and my ever declining health.

When the job first began, it definitely seemed like waking up at 4 am would be the worst part, but it really isn't so bad at all. Given, I do sleep a little bit later than that, then rush my ass to work every morning, cutting what should be an hour or so long trip down to a 20-30 minute one.
It seems kind of like I'm getting more out of my day. I come home at 3:00, on a good day, and that was a full day of work. Yeah, it is rather boring after that, until Van comes home, but still.
Today, I have off, which is nice. Had off yesterday and got to spend the whole day with Van. We rented the new sonic game, Sonic Unleashed. The graphics are absolutely spectacular, but the game play is a little iffy. The characters are really hard to control, and when Sonic is in Werehog form, he doesn't go too quick. We've only played a few levels though, so I'm sure you can guess what Ill be doing today on my day off.
And laundry.
And eating food.
I hope my dice get here soon, too!
Anyhow, off I go to fight the evil Dr. Eggman!