Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Days

11. Your Top 3 Favorite Bands

1.The Weakerthans

I've been listening to these guys for years now. A lot of people don't recognize the name, either. Apparently they're pretty popular in Canada.
There music, I always find, is inspiring. Every time I listen to them, I feel like I learn something. The Weakerthans have a song for any moment of any day. For any feeling, any emotion and any situation.

2.Protest the Hero
Here is another band that I've been following for a few years now. Their album "Kezia" is my absolute favorite. I often choose them for long car rides. (They keep me awake!) They're one of the few heavy bands that I've discovered that actually have important lyrics. Important lyrics AND a concept album? From a metal band?! Yes, it is possible!

I don't really have a third, to be honest. I have my two favorites, then the rest that I really, really like are all pretty even!

12. Your Thoughts or Opinions on Harry Potter

Funny that you should ask, as we just spent Thanksgiving watching the first 6, then went to the movies the next day to see the 7th.
I grew up with Harry Potter (and Harry Potter grew up with me, actually). So, the entire series is very dear to me. Every book and every movie has been purchased or viewed on the first available day (except for this last one, actually, because I was traveling...) Basically, I freaking love the Harry Potter series.

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