Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fuck it.

Fuck this shit.

Fuck moving
Fuck packing shit
Fuck clothes that don't fit anymore
Fuck messy houses
Fuck boyfriends
Fuck girlfriends
Fuck ex's
Fuck friends
Fuck the people that say they care about you
Fuck the people that say that love you
Fuck the people you thought you could trust
Fuck Poughkeepsie
Fuck New York
Fuck drunks
Fuck retail
Fuck shitty holiday seasons
Fuck spending the holidays by yourself
Fuck growing up
Fuck living on your own
Fuck money
Fuck humanity
Fuck the motherfuckers that try to hold you down.
Fuck wanting to knock someone's teeth down their throat
Fuck people that bail on you
Fuck it all.

Just fuck it all.

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