Friday, December 17, 2010


Finally some good news! Just what I've been looking for!

Again, I have to keep things vague, just for safe-keeping,
but at least there's a little bit of hope in the future.

So far today, I have:

Tidied up a little bit
Made lunch/dinner with enough for leftovers tomorrow
Cleaned and reorganized my hookah and shisha collection
Found the perfect gift for Van's birthday
Called into the phone company to sort out some issues

I feel pretty productive.

Work at 7 today, until 11, which is kind of shitty, but its hours, so I can't complain too much.
I also need to call Microsoft AGAIN because they've been charging my bank account for no reason.

Easy enough.

Today I also found this article, which made my day and began step one to my "Hope in Humanity Restoration" project (which doesn't actually exist, by the way.)

This awesome guy named Dragan drunkenly jumped into the ocean off of a high-dive and killed an enormous shark that had previously killed a person and injured others. Apparently when he landed on it, he broke it's neck, killing it on impact. Definitely my kind of man.

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