Tuesday, December 7, 2010


13. Thoughts and opinions on Mean Girls

This movie has a devilish amount of truth to it, I suppose. How corruptable youth is, how highschool can be for some people. I never really related though. If anything, I related to Janice.

14. Do you have any siblings
I do. Kind of.
I have a half brother and I have a half sister. I also have a "brother"
We never lived together, so we aren't super close or anything. But aside from that, I get along with them rather well.

15.Favorite Junk Food
Gotta go with Funyuns on this. And, of course, icecream.

16. Favorite Disney Princess Movie
Disney princess? Not so sure. I really liked the Princess and the Frog???

17.Thoughts on Ugg boots.
A trend that should have died out a long, long time ago.

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